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            關于我們 / About us
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            Hangzhou North Star Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd, which was founded in 2009, is the main paper-making complete equipment manufacturing enterprise in Zhejiang region. We have built 30000m2 modern production workshop, and have more than 200 employees, among which more than 50 are technical engineers. 杭州北辰輕工機械有限公司成立于2010年, 是浙江地區初具規模的造紙整體裝備制造企業。 現已建成30000平方米的現代化生產車間。公司現有職工200余人,其中各類工程技術人員50余人。 Our company has been committed to the production of various kinds of paper machines and the development of different new key parts for energy saving. There are dozens of case can be studied for different kinds of paperboard machines with width belows 6600mm and working speed belows 1000 m/min, as well as film-transfer size machines and coating machines. 公司一直致力于各類紙機的制作和節能降耗的各類新關鍵件的開發,寬度6600mm以下,車速1000米以下的各類板紙機,膜轉移施膠機,涂布機,均有幾十個案例可考!